Self-defense for girls and women

New: Self-defense
for girls and women!

from 12 years onwards

Ever been trained by a bodyguard?!

Learn to recognize dangers with us instead of fearing them!

„SIMPLY, because it is IMPORTANT!“

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Self-defense for girls and women

Self-defense for women is an important issue because women are often at higher risk of becoming victims of violence. Our trainer is a bodyguard and shows women how to defend themselves against an attacker by either fending off punches and kicks or freeing themselves from a hold. Aside from the physical ability for self-defense, there are also psychological benefits. Those who know the techniques have greater self-confidence and feel safer, even if they are traveling alone.

Krav Maga is particularly suitable for women as it focuses on realistic, effective and fast techniques to defend against attacks and escape.

Here we focus our attention on the weak points of the human body, meaning that women, regardless of their physical strength, are able to defend themselves through Krav Maga. The techniques are designed to target the sensitive areas of the body such as the attacker's eyes, neck or genitals.

Effective self-defense strategies are taught to keep potential attackers away and, if the worst comes to the worst, to effectively put them to flight!

What skills will you gain from self-defense classes?

Self-confidence and situational awareness

Awareness of one's own surroundings is heightened and self-confidence is strengthened.

Physical fitness

Classes integrate exercises that improve physical fitness. Good physical condition can help you cope better with dangerous situations.

Grip release and escape techniques

Techniques for freeing yourself from various grips, holds or holding techniques are taught in order to free yourself from a physical hold.

Punching and kicking techniques

Basic punching and kicking techniques are practiced in order to be able to defend yourself against an attacker. Punching and kicking techniques are central elements of every martial art.

Defense against armed attacks

Part of the lesson also teaches confrontation and strategies for defending against armed attacks, such as dealing with knives or impact weapons.

Psychological aspects

Self-defense also involves training the mind. Understanding psychological aspects, such as avoiding confrontations and dealing with stress correctly, is also part of the training. Role-playing games help to gain practical experience.

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