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„SIMPLY, because it is IMPORTANT!“

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Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner: we have the right lessons for you. Arrange a non-binding consultation now and we will get in touch with you immediately. We will be happy to advise you on our range of classes and find the right class for you or your children from over 60 courses according to their interests and available training time.

  • SENSHU Communicating values

Value transmission through martial arts

We firmly believe that healthy people with a healthy mind will become increasingly important in the future. We believe that people have all the resources they need for change within themselves. They only need to be awakened through coaching or training in a protected environment. Every person is unique and just as unique should be trainings that deal with personality development.

What skills will your child gain in the near future?

There are 12 core skills, which are tackled again and again. However, the lessons are so varied that your child will not get bored. According to the motto, the teaching goal is the same, but the path is different each time. The following topics are taught:


Focus is the most important life skill of all because it is the foundation for other values such as balance, discipline, and control.
The very foundation of Focus is eye contact. The basis of focus is eye contact, as studies show that precise looking leads to better hearing, understanding and longer retention of information.


The team can only exist if everyone improves themselves. There are all kinds of teams in sports. But the most important team in your life is your family.


Control means controlling your body, emotions and actions. When you practice and apply good self-control, life will be more balanced and easier.


It is important to have a good balance. With good balance you can ride a bike, snowboard, skate, climb and do your kicks without falling down.


The goal is to transport important information from the "short-term memory" drawer to the "long-term memory" drawer. How do you do that? Concentrate and immediately repeat the things you have just learned.


Discipline, or more precisely self-discipline, means "always doing your best". Just when it's not fun or you don't feel so good, you should always give your best and you will feel great again.


Our fitness is understood as physical and often also mental well-being. Fitness expresses the ability to perform in everyday life and to withstand stress.


Coordination is the ability to move well in terms of motor skills. If children are already successfully encouraged to coordinate, it will have a positive effect on their self-confidence.


With formulas like: "please," "thank you," "you're welcome," "may I please," "excuse me," "forgive me," etc., we express our gratitude and respect to those who interact with us. So always display good manners!


Respect means treating other people as you would like to be treated. A person who is respectful is treated well because he or she also treats others well.


The value and dignity of human beings are expressed in their self-esteem. If the self-esteem is good, one speaks of self-confidence, of self-acceptance or of satisfaction.


Learning how to deal whith strangers can protect children from potential danger.

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